this is Hernan Donahue.

I am a certified welding engineer (CWENG) with a passion for creative fabrication. My background in material science, combined with an extensive collection of welding machines in my workshop, allows me to undertake a variety of projects for my clients.

My father owned a welding shop, where I was first introduced to welding. While the challenging working conditions didn’t initially inspire me, I was fascinated by the machines and automation.

This led me to pursue mechanical engineering at the University of Utah, not realizing that I would become a welding enthusiast for life! Looking back, it was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’ve never looked back.

Eventually, I mastered Arc, Stick, TIG, MIG, SMAW, FCAW, and Plasma welding while working for various industries in the next 10 years. But my heart was set on Research and Development while running a fabrication business.

So, finally, in 2012, I left my job and restarted our workshop with a team of certified welding technicians and fabrication engineers, working with modern equipment with no compromise policy on quality. Check my services.

Among all types of welding gear, I am really fascinated with helmets. When I started, I could use only fixed-shade lenses. Now, see what we work with: auto-darkening helmets, smart camera hoods, respiratory helmets, and whatnot!

The BIG NEWS is here! I have finally launched ProWeldingHelmets.com on this Earth Day (22.04.24). Our team for this website also includes Oliver Freling and Liam Clyborne, the two most skilled welding engineers and technicians in my workshop. Here, I am writing cool tips about welding helmets and sharing insights tested and verified by us.

You may contact me here for more information.

Let’s talk,
Hernan Donahue